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Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


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Not Every Movie Should Be In Cinemas – Rita Dominic

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Rita Dominic has put some filmmakers on the
blast and it is messy which started a little drama
on social media. Drama started when the
legendary actress took to her Instagram to post
a quote about filmmakers who rush to put out
trashy projects because of pride, vanity and ego.
Rita shared a photo on social media and wrote;
“Let the quality of work match the hype!!
At first, many people felt this was a general
statement, but discerning folks noticed that she
did not promote Lilian Afegbai’s latest film,
Bound, in which she starred as a lead character.
According to reports, Rita Dominic felt the movie
was not cinema-worthy and it was the reason
she did not show up at the private screening,
and also why she did not promote the movie on
her social media pages. Now, she has taken to
her Instagram, schooling filmmakers on the
importance of producing cinema-worthy project.
As of the time of this report Lilian Afegbai has
yet to react as at press time.

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