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Sun. Sep 27th, 2020


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7 Awesome Reasons Why you should Join Wakanda Nation now.

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Wakanda.ng popularly called Wakanda Nation is uniquely designed to aggregate news, infotainment and trends from multiple reliable sources and serve same on a one-stop interactive platform –


Wakanda Nation is outstanding, unusual, revolutionary and unparalleled in bringing solutions to the needs of the Nigerian online community. Below are the 7 awesome reason why you should join wakanda Nation immediately.

(1) We pay you money to read our news: It’s no longer enough to simply buy data, log on to the internet, read and react to news, trends and gossips. We know you spend heavily to be with use online and we reward you for your efforts by making our platform user-oriented. Wakanda Nation enables her registered members to earn money everyday as they read and react to news and trends posted on the website.
In this line, you can make cool money weekly into your local Bank account through any of these two ways:

A. WADS: this means Wakanda advert-revenue sharing program. Here, we share our advertisement revenue generated from companies advertising on our platform with you. WADS is activity-driven earning. It covers: i. N50 – daily login, N50 for every sponsored post you share on Facebook, iii. N1 for every comment you drop on our platform.

B. WAP: this is our affiliate program that allows you earn N1,000 for every new member you refer to our platform. This program is optional.

In all, you can earn over N30,000 weekly on our platform when you combine WADS and WAP Earnings. We payout every Sunday to our registered members

(2) Wakanda Nation is Legal: Wakanda Nation is powered by Ladina Integrated services, which is a duly registered ICT business with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. With Registration Number: BN-2558110. This means you can trust us to stay as a legal and legit business.

(3)Wakanda Nation is Interactive: Wakanda Nation gives you an apt community feeling as we have features that empowers registered members to interact seamlessly. Join us today and feel the rave of our active community.

(4) Instant Private Messaging: Wakanda nation allows registered members to interact through our instant private messaging feature without exiting the platform. This feature is modeled after social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp. You will love this!

(5) Broad Powers and Functions for Members: Wakanda Nation Forum is segmented into various categories with captions to effectively portray their purpose. This helps Registered Members to have variety of topics to choose from.
Importantly, Members can make posts, create and follow trends in our Forums!

(6) We publish our Payments: We usually make payments to registered members of wakanda Nation on every Sunday of the month and we usually publish the list for the purposes of transparency and accountability!

(7) We have a physical office Adress in Nigeria: Wakanda Nation has a physical office where members, partners, promoters and advertisers can visit us for business and familiarity purposes.


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