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Fri. Nov 27th, 2020


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some upcoming artist who think they have arrived..

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Some upcoming artist think they have made it.
Not knowing that they don’t have money for promotion…
Some of then want to take bloggers a ride.
See pictures of one of the fake artist…
He think he has arrived..
But no money to promote his video title Answer me.

More pictures loading.

Please fellow bloggers..
Don’t work for this kind of person because he will
Just end up not paying..
More pictures loading.

Artist who think they have arrived: but no money to promote.
After promoting his audio *”Answer me “* just because he came new and I want to help him and his career. The audio was promoted on 60 websites of which he paid 10,000.
I decided to help him because is just the first time.
After promoting that.. He came with his video..
Which he said he need 45 website for 30,000

We had the deal on base.. That after the promotion he will send me my money.
Just to know along the line he came up with promoting his Audio on only stores..
Which we also agreed on 10, he paid 5,000
Remaining 5,000.
He was now expecting the links to be delivered..
But the link was delayed.. Because I need to pay then fully and get the link.

For him to pay my money so that I can pay the online stores to deliver the link he said he is not paying.
After helping him he is now paying me with evil..
What a wicked world..
I told him earlier that online people do charge more than he think..
Because, they are buying from him online..
And now he has no money to pay he is now complaining that if he didn’t get the link he won’t pay….

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Just because he had no money to continue the promotion..

What on his mind is to only sell the music online… And not even knowing how they operate…

*Prince chukuemeka Clement ejumofor is the name..*

*Stage name: Ec Prince…*

Please fellow bloggers don’t promote for this kind of stingy human being ooooo
Because he has no money to pay….

Only thinking that he has the whole world in his hand’s..

Ec Prince…. Pay my money biko

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