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Tue. Sep 29th, 2020


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latter to upcoming artists

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latter to upcoming artists

Upcoming acts this is for u people.

latter to upcoming artists

there’s no doubt that people earn a lot from the music industry, but it doesn’t just start in a day do u know how many sacrifices they have made just to get there.
music is not just singing and recording. is all about having money to promote. u have good song but no money to promote it. no problem you can use other means to support your music, like: building strong relationship with other artists and hype men.
and have it in mind that if u don’t make quality sacrifices, u will not get anything rather it will be frustration up and down.
don’t have intention of making money when have miles of journey to cover. u want to make money but your songs are not online, how do think your village people are not the one responsible for this.

steps to become a successful musician

1. have a good producer.
2. build a good and strong relationship with other artists.
3. get yourself a good hype man not just those that will collect your money and seat down without doing anything.
4. have something doing to support your music.
5. promote your song weather is good or not. only one song can make you blow for life.
6. build a strong fan base mostly on social media (Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc.)
7. have a mentor in music, the ones that have already made it.(eg. Davido,Wizkid and Olamide)
8. believe in yourself that u can make it no matter what.
9. put God first in anything you do. because with him u can do anything.
10. always carry other fellow artists along. Because street no get “OGA”.

finally i want also use this medium to say this.
selling your song on stores will not take anywhere, do u think those who made it today did that.
selling your song online is not the best thing to do, let people have free access to your song, we see that yes the song is really making wave, then u can include online,
(like: iTunes, boom play and Amazon).
Now don’t get it the other way round. selling your song online: is when u have good fans.
and when u don’t have and u are trying to sell it u are only suffering yourself.
because even if the hype man hype and they don’t know u.
people that have made it today, first get their songs on websites for people to freely get them and vibe to them.
do u think is everybody that is using iPhones and do u think is everybody that have money to buy music online or u are trying to say if they don’t have money and have iPhones they won’t support your music.
lastly get yourself a good websites and bloggers around you, not those who are after money, not hungry bloggers, not those bloggers who are not to the task.
and keep pushing your music and you will surely get there.
Never underrate anyone in the industry. and help with the little u have because we raise by lifting others.

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