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Tue. Oct 20th, 2020


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How to build your fan base as an upcoming artist

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How to build your fan base as an upcoming artist
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How to build your fan base as an upcoming artist

Fan base is the stronghold of any artist, they take your name to where it suppose to be. They are your strength, without strong fan base you have attain nothing. In the industry the only thing that gives the upper hand is your fan base. How strong it is matters a lot.
When are the type of artist who don’t underrate others fan will surely like you.
Criteria for good fan base.
1. Build better relationship online i.e. on social media (Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc.)
2. Have strong hype men who are capable of delivering the job not just those who will collect your money and you will see no result.
3. Find collaborating with other artists weather they are up to your level or not up to.
4. Do giveaway: to whom much is given much is expected. As u give them the little u have, it goes a long way to add more fans to your brand or career. They people put smile on their faces will forever be happy telling others about you. This same people will like to share your things online or anywhere(like; music, artwork video etc.) just to mention but few. The little give out u don’t know how much it has saved life’s.
5. Support your music with whatever you have, even if is the last money in your account. Use it invest in your music, because if u want to make it big u will sacrifice whatever u have to earn a living and even life large in the future time than not getting anything for life.
6. Don’t have the impression of making money rather think of making good music and having a better name. because when u have good name it will surely make way for u one day.
7. Work hard to deliver hit song, “ a hustler is a pure devil” people who have made it big today don’t sleep most at times in the night, they are always busy looking for inspiration or better lyrics to write out. Don’t use all your time to sleep when have far journey ahead of u.
8. promote yourself: don’t wait for only hype men to promote you before u promote yourself.
Don’t be like artists who only live work for hype men. Keep hyping yourself alongside the promoters.

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9. Look for something to support your music it helps a lot .
10. Believe in your dream and yourself.
11. Promote your song on all platforms (stores , websites and airplays).
12. Keep making new friends of like minds and even if they are not of like minds still get close to them.
We all this are done keep supporting yourself with prayer and make sure u keep the grind moving all time and u will get there no matter what. We will definitely get there but not immediately . stay far away from dream killers and never look down on yourself and don’t underrate anybody.

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