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Wed. Oct 21st, 2020


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[GIST]: Before your think of record label, think of this!!!

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[GIST]: Before your think of record label?

You are record label of yourself, how ?

Signing u as an artist to a record should not be your target as an upcoming artist who really want to make. Do u think those that got signed just happened like that. U need to be hard working and bringing out something different. Now do u think record label will just sign u like without making any effort . a record will only sign those who are really hard working and those who they think they have good values to add to the label. Record label will only want to sign u if only u never give up on yourself and u are hard working. Now come to think of it, slim case u all know today is not under any records today but he is making wave today, who don’t know him today. When u shout rubylemshi u will know how far he has gone. Even if any record want to sign him now do u think do think it will be a small record. If there is any records that is not up to his own standard he will not even give them attention talkmore of him accepting their proposal. Slim case is very hard working type. He knows what his fans need. He build his fan base very strong. Now if u were the one how many people do u think can vibe to your song when is been played. Have a change of about been signed to a label. U are the label that others can see then they will surely like working with u one day. Don’t forget that as u are been signed that is when u are prone to more challenges u most give ur fans what they need u have to keep dropping hits back to back. So before u get signed work hard and let big record label look for u. no matter how u are today don’t mind things around u. if u are good always keep ur fans updated by giving them hits. Because they all need to hear from u at least once in a month or once a blue a moon. Make sure u keep ur fans active and be ready to make them proud. I have many artists to mention but for now let me stop here.

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Lastly the only thing that makes u shining star are:

You always make new friends of like minds.

You don’t form boss over others.

U always keep them happy most times they see u.

Work with hypemen who are capable of delivering your work.

Never look down on anyone in the industry because the street no get “OGA”.

Do giveaway,

Never neglect bloggers who have not gotten there , because those have made already don’t even have ur time to give u more attention. Those who are yet to be there will always give u nice job that u need. And they hype u to the fullest.


See u all at the top, Thanks.

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