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Making good music is okay but at least u have to get something in return from all your effort. The way your only make money from is through online stores like amazon, sppotify and the rest. Now as am talking about making money from ur song doesn’t mean u should always think of making money when u don’t have good song. Who do u think will buy what he / she don’t like. Even if they do is not everybody that will do that. The only thing u need to think of is making good hits. And then surely money will follow. Because anything u put ur life one day u will surely make a living from it. All u need is making trending songs and keep making good collaboration with ur fellow guys.
Here are the ways to make money from ur songs.
1. Online stores: like, iTunes, dezeer, spotify and the rest.
2. YouTube, for those who have the video of their song, u can upload them there and then monetize ur channel.

Online stores; here u will have to upload your song to store for people to buy and also can stream there for the sake of popularity. Here u either tell people using iPhones to buy your song. But mind u is not just uploading that is the main thing, once they buy the song it must a certain amount before u can cash out, which is 100$ approximately 36k.
And it must be every month ending that u cash out and it must reach the amount above.
But the fact about this is: as an upcoming artist ur song should be free online for people to download. Because is not everybody that will buy your song online, is only few that can show u love when the time comes. And is not everybody that is using iPhone.
So make ur song free for people to have aces to.

For those who have their video ready why can’t u upload it on YouTube for people to watch and the u monetize your channel with YouTube AdSense. with these few ways u can get something from ur effort been made. But don’t and never have the intention of making money In the first place just think of making a big name that will trend. And once ur name is known money will surely follow. Is a sure thing that once u have a better and big name money must come.
Go after making name not money.
Composed by ceo of loadedgists.
More coming from us.

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