Sharon the Singer Biography and lifestyle
Sat. Jun 12th, 2021


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Sharon the Singer Biography and lifestyle

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After having a lengthy conversation with the upcoming super star here are one information and useful things you need to know about Sharon the singer

My name is Sharon Imogu. I am 15 years old, I was born on the 5th of February, 2005. I am a singer, a dancer and a YouTuber (Life of Sharon)
I am from a family of 5. I have 2 siblings and I’m the second child. My parents are pastors and they both pastor VIM (Victory Inheritance Ministries) located at lekki.
Singing has to be one of the best gift that God has given me. I started singing at the age of 4. My mom and I sang christian songs together when I was much younger, it was something we loved doing together. I usually performed in concerts in my primary school which built my confidence over time and I’m forever grateful for that.
When I got to secondary school, I did more of dancing than singing, though I’m not a professional dancer. I initially wanted to become an influencer in jss3 or so but then I realized I was forcing myself into something I knew I was not going to be able to handle, so I gave up.
When I got to ss1, I was going through some mental breakdown, of which I wasn’t feeling myself and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it but we thank God for lockdown which started last year (2020) in March. it made me have time for myself and to think of what to do with my life.
During the lockdown I had nothing to do, so God told me to just continue singing, of which I did, I posted a few videos and I noticed people liked it. Then I continued and if you follow me on Instagram, you would know I started something on Instagram called NAIJA MASH UP. When I started naija mash up, people really enjoyed it, I even got noticed by quite a lot of respected people out there, I was shocked by my growth and how far God took me just with music.
I normally sing worship songs at church, which were really slow but then I decided to change my system of singing when I noticed God has made me realized I could do a lot with my voice. Then God gave me the name SHARONTHESINGER, since then that’s what everyone calls me. Most of my friends that I met on social media will even call me and tell me that people in their school know me, that’s when I knew that nooo the way God blessed me, was extreme and I didn’t even deserve it .
Music is like literally the only thing that makes me happy. My music genre is afro beat but my sound is based on inspiration, either about my life or based on experience. Music is one way in which I can express myself. Many things I never thought I could do, before my very eyes I started writing my own songs, even freestyles too. At some point while I was growing I started working with brands (something I’ve always wanted {to become an influencer} God gave it to me through music).
2020 made me have a closer relationship with God, God stood by me, he believed in me and made me what I am today. My love goes to my parents for bringing me in the way of the Lord and also supporting me endlessly, that’s the best feeling ever. I also want to thank my friends who stood strong by me and believed in me.
I really look forward to taking my music further because it’s my dream to see me {Sharonthesinger} on billboards and everyone listening to my sound.
To everyone reading this, your gift will announce you and bring you before great men. Everything starts from somewhere, just believe in yourself and trust in God. Plus never forget where you were picked from (very important)

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we hope u had nice time reading about here? Wait on more updates from this talented upcoming super star.
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