5 Mistakes Not To Make On Social Networks As An Artist


5 Mistakes Not To Make On Social Networks As An Artist


Are you a singer or musician but have little knowledge of digital strategy? And yet, social networks have become promotional tools that no one can escape today, not even artists! Then, you have to read this to the end.


It is for this reason that we have decided to share with you the common errors, not to reproduce, on social networks. The following are cautions you should take as an artist when it comes to your social network life.


1. Putting Social Networks Before Your Musical Project

Being active on social networks is a good thing, but you still need to have things to present regularly… Concentrate first on your music: you need to have a solid and completed project before you even start your promotion online!


Indeed, at first, to get people to join your project, you need to do “ storytelling ”. In other words, you must tell a story, and not just your own! It is essential to convey a clear and understandable message through your musical project.


Create material, innovate, perform concerts, and only then, share! Even if you are in the process of preparing an album or EP, think about giving news, posting photos or short live videos of your composition, or recording sessions: this will serve as a teaser to introduce them. and will show your subscribers that you are concocting a great project for them.



2. Excessive Posting


You certainly think you are doing well by publishing content frequently. But be careful, you have to find the right compromise! Each social network has its functioning and codes. For example, by posting several times a day on Instagram and Facebook, you risk losing your fans instead of uniting them, whereas, on Twitter, this can be a good match!



3. Communicate In The Same Way On Different Networks


If there are different social networks, it’s for a reason! Each platform has its characteristics and uses, and your community expects to find original and varied content on each of them. Repetition is to be banned: avoid communicating in the same way on all your pages! By posting different content on each network, you will make your fans want to follow you everywhere. And of course, whatever happens, be instantaneous and responsive.



4. Do Not Hesitate To Establish An Individualistic And One-way Relationship…


The very principle of social networks is to facilitate the dissemination of your musical project, but also to discuss it and interact live with your fans. It is not a question of monopolizing the attention on you but of establishing a two-way relationship!


So, remember to share moments from your daily life as well as news about the music industry. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions to your fans, they are waiting for that! On Instagram, a number of features exist and allow your subscribers to participate directly (survey, quiz, question, etc.). The artist-fan relationship that you will establish through social networks must be almost intimate. French Rapper Hayce Lemsi is a good example of an artist who does this: every Sunday, he has a habit of directly answering questions asked by his fans on Snapchat in the form of videos titled “Sunday Lokos ”.


5. Buying Followers And Likes


If this practice is more and more frequent, it turns out to be rather useless. First, it risks discrediting you since it is easy to spot a list of subscribers filled with fake “followers”. And then, it is not in this way that you will be able to be talked about. You will need to gather real fans, committed to your project and are ready to share it with them to expand your online visibility.


In short, develop a coherent digital strategy that is faithful to the message you want to share through your musical project, and above all, don’t forget to stay human

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