Promoting yourself and what you do as an artist is not that easy, especially for artists who are just starting their musical careers.

Much work needs to be done. It all boils down to your readiness and ability to put in the work.


Performing on stage is an essential part of any artistic career. This allows you to gain confidence and experience. Although this exercise is not easy for everyone, it is more than educational! In addition, it is the most effective way to get people talking about you and your musical project since you listen to and share your music live with an audience. But that’s not all! This represents an essential source of income when you know that an artist is paid a good amount of money for each performance in a bar or café.



So how do you bring people together at your gigs?


A long promotion work certainly awaits you just as mentioned already, but it is more than necessary to go through it if you want to be talked about and perform in front of as many people as possible. Be careful, the promotion of your concert must be carried out upstream, both online and offline!


Once you have understood your target audience, that is to say, the people who could be potentially interested in your music, you can begin your online promotion to federate them and attract them to your concerts. Your main promotional tools are social networks. On your various professional pages dedicated specifically to your musical project, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube, post content related to your concerts regularly. For example, by posting live videos of the preparation for your concerts, backstage just before going on stage, as well as after the concerts to share your feelings, you are sure to attract attention and engage a special relationship with your fans. This is what more and more artists are doing today to promote their music, such as Davidi, Wizkid, and many others!


Don’t forget to relay your concert dates on your website and specialized platforms such as Bandsintown which allow you to create day-to-day concert schedules, as well as via other concert media services to relay information on all your online cultural agendas.


Otherwise, you can announce the dates of your concerts through a newsletter that you send to your address book and your subscribers after having identified their email addresses in a mailing list.


As for promotion outside of social networks, emails, and your website, bet first on your loved ones so that they talk about your project around them and bring friends or their family back to your concerts. . At the same time, create flyers (free and simplified graphic design tools exist like Canva) and distribute them in the street or drop them off in strategic places (bars, cafes, recording studios, etc.).


In terms of performances, start by giving small free concerts in bars or participate in “open mike” then, if you see that you are gaining popularity, go to less intimate venues that offer paid concerts at reduced prices. As time goes on, even if your concerts become less and less affordable, always think about offering your fans perks like presales, CDs or VIP passes.


Finally, a good solution to bring together a larger audience could be to combine your set with those of other artists or music groups: your fans will be added to theirs and you will widen your circle.


Concerts are one of the best ways to discover artists and there are many ways to talk about them around you. So go on stage!



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